FM3 Open Source Release

The Machine

Powerful sex machine with unique characteristics. Not only can you instantaneously adjust the speed of penetration while it is in use but also the depth (stroke length 16cm) and offset, which defines at what depth to perform the stroke.

The movement can vary from:

  • slow to fast
  • deep to shallow
  • long strokes to rumbling vibrations

The machine rests on two adjustable legs which lets you use it while standing, lying, hanging, or whatever position you can imagine. Alone, or with your partner. 

Key Benefits

This addresses some major issue with classical, rotating machines:

  • The direction of movement can be changed at any point
  • During the insertion you can move the machine slowly towards you, not yourself to the machine and leave the comfortable position. This is particularly helpful when using it with a partner
  • Versatile angles
  • Short setup time (<1min)

Getting Started

Checkout the BOM & Assembly Instructions


The software ca be found at GitHub




The software is designed to run on an ESP32 (Amazon). This allows to use this JTAG adapter from Amazon. Others might work but we use this one.



Use goggles such as the FPV goggles from Fatshark to have a hands-free experience.

The followsing attaches a phone to the goggles: USB to HDMI adapter Amazon HDMI M2M Amazon Goggles Amazon


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